Gátova is every one " world for knowing ", where the traveler, free of the pressures of the life in the city, can find precious(beautiful) natural places, where it will be situated in an environment of recreation I recreate and in harmony with the natural way, breathing pure air of the Sierra Calderona; to discover historical places; to practise sports in a healthy way; to enjoy its fountains waters of excellent quality and flowing mining - medicinal waters; to enjoy itself) in your holidays and to enjoy the hospitality of its peoples.

An ideal place to realize activities of senderismo, happening for the village the GR10 and in its surroundings it pr-cv8 with this interesting tour.

In the Web of the town hall, we can find all the references in Tourism, with the sources(fountains), the natural places, the monuments, excursions and resources that exist in the locality. This way as the holidays and Culture.

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